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Lockscreen of iPhone’s iOS 7 can also be bypassed.

A vulnerability has been found in the lock screen of iPhone’s iOS 7, allowing anyone with direct access of the smartphone to have unauthorized use.

The security flaw demonstrated by Jose Rodriguez ( the same guy who discovered the lock screen bypass in iOS 6.1.3) shows how can a malicious user easily bypassed the lock screen of those smartphones running iOS 7.

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Bypassing the lock screen of iOS 7 only works if only the device used the traditional PIN code or password. TheHackerNews listed the steps to bypass the iOS 7 flaw as :

  1. .Swipe up from the bottom of the Lock screen to open Control Center and Launch the Clock app.
  2. .Open the alarm clock section of the clock app and hold down the power button
  3. .Quickly tap cancel then immediately double-click the Home button and Hold down for a bit longer on the second click.
  4. .From here you can access the camera and stored photos. You can share these photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or via email.

This demo has been tested on iPhone 4S, 5, 5C and 5S, which are running on iOS 7 operating system.


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