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Malaysian hackers declare Cyberwar against Philippines, launch attacks, PH then counters

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Anonymous Malaysia, last night did announced to conduct cyber attacks against Philippine websites. The hackers posted, there will be attacks in Gov.ph domains if the Sabah Standoff continues.

“Warning for Philipine, Sa lahat ng mga residente Sa Filifina, Kami ba Anonymou Malaysia Aling May 14 Estado Fruit kabilang Sabah ay Mayroon pun mong lumaban! Nais namin Tanging ang pagtatanggol tungkulin Malaysia, Hindi namin Ay Itigil ang Hacking Ang iyong Social Sites Iyon Magkaroon Domain. Gov.ph, din namin Magkaroon Ang karapatan ipagtanggol ang Sabah! Mong Bilang Ito Filipina Populasyon na imoral Sa lamang Digmaan sa Sabah, At kami rin Ito kanan Para sa iyong Social Site ng Pag-hack,”  as the hackers writes in a Facebook page( deleted ).

Showing that the hackers from Malaysia are serious, Distributed Denial of Service was done to some Gov.ph websites, as seen in the photo below. They also deface the official website of Moalboal from the province of Cebu, leaving a message that reads,

” Take Some Action about Your Dogs in our Country. Bring Your Ship and Take Back Your Dogs, Stop Killing Malaysian Army & Police. Otherwise, We Will Attack Philippine Goverments Website. No Time To Make Some Joke, Terrorist are Terrorist.. Nothings Changed ! F*CK-OFF ! “

philippine websites ddos

Shortly after, Pinoy hackers (Pinoy Vendetta )retaliate, claiming they have hack into several websites from Malaysia. It includes, www.karamcharikalyansamiti.org/r00t.php,  www.rubyescortmalaysia.com/r00t.php and others.

In the current time the same hacking group, Anonymous Malaysia, apologizes to Filipino hacktivist and asks to stop hacking.

Anon  Malaysia


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