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Malaysians arrested for ATM skimming in Iloilo

Three Malaysian Nationals are being detained in Manduriao Mandurriao Police Station in Mandurriao district because of alleged Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) skimming.

The 3 were caught in the act of stealing money using their ATM skimming devices. Along with them are digital cameras and ATM cards. 

Suspects are then identified as Tan Bon Fooi, Ching Seng Jun, and Chang Yong.

According to the intelligence operatives, the foreign suspects installed a camera near the entrance of Supermarket area section of SM City.

The videos recorded then were used by the suspects in stealing confidential information of card holders who withdrew in the ATM.

It could be the reason of why a lot of clients complained of deductions in their account without their permission, a security personnel said.

Quoted source: Newsbytes.

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