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Man linked to anonymous accused of hacking county website

Federal agents arrested a man accused of hacking into South Texas county website as accordingly linked to the hacker group anonymous.

Fidel Salinas Jr. was arrested by authorities after more than a year of investigation. He is detained now on federal custody charged of accessing a protected computer without authorization.

Salinas tried to hack the Hidalgo county website with calculated 14,000 attempts to log into its server. It is also the same attempts that left the IP address of computer used in the attack which later led him being tracked.

Salinas says initially to authorities in an investigation that, he was just checking to see if he could get into the Web site to alert network administrators of security problems.

In a second interview with the accused, Salinas claimed to have posted the popular quote of anonymous in Facebook comment, “We do not forgive, we do not forget.”

The Hidalgo county website was hacked last year – Jan. 5, 2012.

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