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Man who scam about 100 million worth of load arrested

A man from Manila was arrested recently for allegedly scamming of about 100 million in airtime credits.

Dubbed as the king of text scam in Philippines, his scheme was to mass text random users and pretend as a friend or relative to get load credits from various mobile networks.

According to GMA News’ “24 Oras,” the National Bureau of Investigation raided the house of suspected scammer recognized as Roan Sia who is also using the alias of Mark Tan.

As part of the scheme, Sia will then encash the airtime credit using the mobile phone money transactions of the telecommunication company.

Another man was also arrested during the raid while delivering wifi modems to Sia’s house. Those devices have modified connection settings to illegaly browse the internet for free.

The scammer is now facing large scale estafa and a violation of the Access Device Act.

Source: Gma News

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