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Greenwich, manginasal, jollibee, chowking, meet Mcdo: hacker

A local hacker was poking around the site of food chains, greenwich, manginasal, jollibee, and chowking.

The hacker who introduced himself as Nefarious managed to intrude the official sites of mentioned food chains and  uploaded html mcdo files (mcdo.html) on its directory.

“Pwned by n3far1ous” a text message appears in the defaced page along with a greeting to his colleagues.

Here is a screenshot of the defaced page:

A maliciously weird looking mcdo icon is sitting in the middle of the page, a direct hit to those 4 rival food chains.

You can access the defaced page here:


Its worth noting, Jollibee was hacked yesterday some hours after the defacement by Chinese on PH university sites.

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