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Microsoft fixes critical security flaws in IE and RDC

Nine security updates has been released by Microsoft in which two of those were critical. The updates are addressed to Windows, Internet Explorer and other products of Microsoft.

The first critical flaw hits versions of Internet Explorer 6 and above in Win XP, Vista, and 7. Windows 8 devices and Windows RT tablets are also affected in its IE 10 browser.

In IE flaw, the MS13-028 security update is directed to remote code execution. It allows an attacker to gain access in an infected machine  having the same rights as the logged in user with the help of a crafted website.

The second critical bulletin affecting Windows remote Desktop Client allows another Malware injection. It could give the attacker same same rights as the logged in user, identical to the first law.

No worries, for in both cases these issues were privately disclosed and no attack were reported.


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