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Microsoft rewarded $100,000 to an Australian white hat hacker

A hacker from Australia, James Forshaw, reported a serious flaw in Microsoft’s windows. It was accordingly eligible to the company’s bug bounty program “Mitigation Bypass.”

Because his entry of the bug bounty program was qualified, the head of vulnerability research at Melbourne, will have the first ever $100,000 reward.

The serious flaw he found was a new “exploitation technique” in Windows which will allow it to develop defences against an entire class of attacks.

Friday last week, the same hacker was also rewarded for a separate bounty, $9,400. So, his total amount of compensation is now $109,400.

Microsoft said in a statement, the company is thrilled of the qualification of that “mitigation bypass” as it help them improve its security.

“We’re thrilled to receive this qualifying Mitigation Bypass Bounty submission within the first three months of our bounty offering,” Katie Moussouris, senior security strategist lead of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, said in a statement.

“James’ entry will help us improve our platform-wide defenses and ultimately improve security for customers, as it allows us to identify and protect against an entire class of issues.”

Source : TheNextWeb.

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