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More Philippine National Police websites deface by hackers

The defacement is still connected to the incident where, 5 supporters of the anonymous collective who joined the march last Monday was held by police officers in Quezon City police station.

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Phantom Hackers PH posted a message in IlocussurPNP and PNPpro1 as addressed to Colonel Eleazar Matta Sr., detaining the demonstrators / supporters questioning and accusing them as the persons behind the hacking incident of almost 40 Philippine websites and pun them under investigation is a  big mistake that needs to be corrected.

The hackers added messages provoking the officer in charge. It even cracks some kind of joke addressed to Matta, not to take too much pork for its bad to his health.

In a separate defacement made by ThinkTwice in PNP LaUnion, he taunts Matta for not complying of what they have allegedly talked about .

A salute was also given to William Dagan, the Anonymous supporter who complained and argued with the police officers then the latter was about to start questioning..

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