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Movie2K rises from the dead as Movie4k

The website which disappeared from the web several days ago is now up again, with a different domain name.

Movie4k as new site is now live. Fully running  just like the previous Movie2k domain name, though there could be instances that some of your favorite movies may still be missing.

In whatever reason, the movie2k domain name appears to be still in control of the owners of the site. At this point, the website displays of  some explanation and steps of how can you help the site.

You may visit and take a look of the new website here.

Public Announcement by MOvie4k

Nobody should have the power to suppress somebody just because of money!

This site is the result of the need of many Human Beings. Everyone wants Movie2k.to/Movie4k.to back.

We, the Citizens, have to make clear that a “copyright infringement” cannot be compared to a violent crime. How come bootlegger get five years of jail time while child abuser are free on a 22-month probation? That is because money is way more important than an unique human life.

You cannot suppress the will of the People! One website goes, the next day five new appear. Did not the time come to overthink your marketing concepts and accept the new media?

So: FU Hollywood, FU GVU, FU Anti-piracy and FU Police. But we love Obama!

Thank You to all supporting us! Let’s not give up and fight for our internet freedom! #Movie4k


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