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Multiple Vulnerabilities found in DENR Marinduque Website

Hitman from Pinoy Vendetta shared a post that the website of Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office Marinduque is vulnerable to XSS.

Bad thing, it is not just simple XSS but a stored one where his commands ( usually javascripts) will be stored to the server.

A visit to the page he claimed to suffers XSS denr.marinduque.ph/upload.php  javascript alert message will popup , “explored by Hitman,” then will redirect to the Pinoy Vendetta website – PV-hosting.com.

Multiple Vulnerabilities

We also tried to browse into the website and check for other vulnerability, what we found is that, it can also be exploited by SQL injection. A MySQL error displays on the page as it is triggered by a quote in the news page.

Another browse, now into the gallery page shows it is indeed vulnerable to XSS. A click on any shown photo icon is either javascript or html code injected.

There is also a reflected xss, you may visit this link.

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