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MY and PH cyberwar continues, Telco site and more defaced by Malaysian hackers

Update: Pinoy Hackers responded to Malaysian web attacks.

Even with a peaceful virtual apology by Anonymous Malaysia to Philippine hackers and asked to stop the virtual war, other Malaysian hacking groups are in contradict.

Just 3 hours ago, Globe, one of Philippines biggest telecommunication network suffers Malaysian hacktivist’s rage. A sub domain of Globe’s official website, Shop.Globe.com.ph is defaced.

Roughly an hour after the defacement, the website is taken down by its administrators and keep it back running in maintenance mode. “The Shop is currently undergoing some site maintenance. Don’t worry, it will re-open its doors in a bit. Come back soon!,” a message reads in the web page.

A dozen of Philippine website is also defaced by variety of Malaysian hackers, listed below:

  1. http://unity3d.org.ph/
  2. http://www.thespadepotonline.ph/
  3. http://hbi.ph/
  4. http://cabiao.gov.ph/

  5. http://www.7-eleven.com.ph/files/
  6. http://www.jenerick.com.ph/
  7. http://farland.ph/
  8. http://unitedpolyresins.com.ph/admin/
  9. http://www.ozem.com.ph/flash/
  10. http://www.kma.ph/files/
  11. http://bblmanpowerph.com/cak.html

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