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NBA and several other PH websites compromised, databases dumped

The official website of National Basketball Association in Philippines, and several other websites were compromised by a certain “Thenet Negros.”

Other websites are as follows, official website of Kenny Rogers Roasters, Gatorade Philippines, GilmoreTower, Oishi, and Tagaytay Islands.

The hacker claimed to have successfully access the database of those websites and dumped it, he showed a screenshot as proof.


NBA PH database dumped


gatorade and gilmore

According to the hacker, he already notified the web site hosting company about the security issue.

Our Conversation:
PINOYHACKNEWS: Who is TheNet Negros?
THENET: TheNet Negros – a handsome white hat hacker.
PINOYHACKNEWS: btw, do you have message for the public??
THENET: To admins. . .Secure your websites, dont wait foreign hackers do your job and make fun to your sites.

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