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NBI take over Anon Butuan Facebook Page

The page’s profile and cover photo are replaced to one with the NBI logo.

It appears the Anonymous affiliated page “Anonymous Butuan” is now controlled by the National Bureau of Investigation – NBI.

Good mentioning, it is the same page managed by alleged hacker “Anon reaper, Reaper, Anonymous Butuan” accordingly identified by NBI as Rodel Plasabas who was  arrested 2 months ago.

A new post in the page that caught our attention is the one that seems to threaten those hacker who had talked Anon Reaper in the past.

Then in one (1) share is by the account, “Ph Reaper” tagging the pages #OccupyPhilippines, Anonymous Philippines and #Philippine Cyber Army.

The Anonymous Butuan Facebook page’s profile and cover photos are also replaced by a photo with logo of the National Bureau of Investigation.

Cover photo above shows the anonymous brand in the middle is fading into black while NBI’s logo can be clearly seen side by side.

What’s the deal? Just keep braced, we will keep you updated.

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