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NBI website down, are the Pinoy/Chinese hackers attacking?

For some reason, I visited the National Bureau of Investigation – NBI website just few minutes ago to check for updates in their press releases. What I found out is that, the NBI website is down.

The website currently is displaying a page by “Cloudflare,” an Error 524 is printed in the screen.
An Error 524 means that the connection to the origin web server was made, but the origin web server timed out before responding to the request.

So, what could be the reason of the NBI’s website outage of service ?

Photo credit: Pinoy Hack News.com

There is no indication in the “pinoy hackers” community launching denial of service on Government sites. But we can not neglect the possibilities since it was just yesterday when some anonymous supporters took down at least 3 gov websites.

Looking at the side of the Chinese hackers (who attacked one Philippine website which was also yesterday,) we also received no notification of any second phase of cyber attack from them.

We are trying to contact some of the anonymous hacking collective supporters to have their side on this. Like us our Facebook page for now!

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