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“Need secure web hosting” DOST-ICTO says in response to defacements today.

The Department of Science and Technology(DOST) – Information and Communications Technology Office(ICTO) has already commented in the defacements of more than 30 government websites today – “Million people March – Cyber Protest”.

The hacking of those websites by “sympathetic to today’s pork barrel protest action highlights the need for secure web hosting for government agencies and services,” an official announcement reads.

Executive Director Louis Casambre of DOST-ICTO mentioned said “This recent spate of website defacements goes to shows the serious need for the Government Web Hosting Service (GWHS ) especially since gov’t websites will more and more be leveraged to deliver public services.”

Casambre also mentioned that there is no critical online services affected the website and hoped local hackers would not target such.

“No critical online services were affected and it seems that it wasn’t the intention of the community to cripple critical information dissemination websites and services of the government. We would like to request our hacking community not to target such sites.”

DOST-ICTO is the lead agency when it comes on ICT related matters.

What do you think? To the defacers, will the change of web hosting matters?

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