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No safe today: Toilets can also be hacked

Security experts from Trustwave Spiderlabs said and warned of the possibility of Lilix Satis Toilets being hacked. Those are smart Japanese toilets than can be remotely controlled using bluetooth of a smartphone.

The bluetooth PIN is hard–coded to “0000.” Knowing just the code number, Satis toilets can be used my malicious minded people. What needs to be done is to download the android “Satis” app, get into  target range, connect to the toilet, then flush the victim 🙂

“Attackers could cause the unit to unexpectedly open/close the lid, activate bidet or air-dry functions, causing discomfort or distress to user,” Trustwave warned.

The company already reported the glitch but it has not received a response yet.

Source: softpedia.com

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