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NSA accused of spying on Indian nuclear system, space programs and politics

According to documents leaked by whistle blower, Edward Snowden that was also seen by TheHindu, the NSA has been into deeper surveillance of India’s facilities.

PRISM documents revealed the National Security Agency spots more on India’s domestic politics and the country’s strategic and commercial interests.

TheHindu further reported, not just the known PRISM, the NSA  sipped data on Indian nuclear system, space programs and politics.

Leaked NSA documents also revealed that the agency is not just interested of tracking phone calls, text messages, and email logs. A NSA tool is being deployed in India for much more data harvesting.

“As politics, space and nuclear are mentioned as “end products” in this document, it means that emails, texts and phones of important people related to these fields were constantly monitored and intelligence was taken from them, and then the NSA prepared official reports on the basis of raw intelligence. It means, they are listening in real time to what our political leaders, bureaucrats and scientists are communicating with each other,”Indian intelligence agency official told TheHindu.

That was June this year when the PRISM program allowed the NSA “to obtain targeted communications without having to request them from the service providers and without having to obtain individual court orders.” Both U.S and Indian officials claimed its program was aimed for “random surveys” and that the programs were intended to “counter terrorism”.

Source : The Hindu.

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