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Numerous PH Websites Hacked by United Filipino Hackers

This is the continuous action of the Philippine web exploiters. Hacking websites of the Government as they opposed the Cyber Crime Law that is under TRO for now.

Another National operation of the united hackers of Philippines. As I observed, majority of the websites hacked are powered by the CMS Joomla!. The possible reasons are, using outdated of Joomla version or Plugins with vulnerabilities.

Hacker main groups are, Anonymous PhilippinesSB hackers and  PrivateX. In the time of posting, all websites are sill defaced. Web developers are probably in the midst of their sweet dreams 😀

Websites being defaced include the following:

Municipality of Gregorio Del Pilar:

Provincial Government of Bukidnon:

Municipality of Calasiao Pangasinan:

Provincial Government of Apayao:

Boliano Municipality Website:

Municipality of Luna Apayao:

National Book Development Board:

Municipality of Anilao:

PNP – Directorate for Research and Development:

Police Regional Office 12:

Philippine National Police Training Service:

Quezon City Police Department:

Several others,


Also, the National Bureau of Investigation is said to be unreachable when browsed, DOWN. The website www.nbi.gov.ph is believed to be attacked by Distributed Denial of Service today.

However, I saw this message, in a sort of contrary on the defacements made. Written by their fellow anon,

“Good day fellow anons. this statement is meant to express my opinion. i have no intention to dictate your actions. i have observed enough of the stage and thought that this is a good moment to provide a statement. the affair about the r.a. 10175 as far as I am seeing has improved with all the help of the anons. now, we have proven that our nation’s cyberspace cannot be easily seized. Defending our freedom of speech has already been achieved. all we have to do now is let the government know that we can live without the cybercrime law. i am not telling you to stop our Ops or defacing websites. i understand that it is our way of expressing our messages. each one expressing their own. we all have different messages. we do can express it in different ways too. defacing is just one approach. remember that each time we deface a site in terms of expressing our own. we do deny the site from its own freedom of speech. we can convey our statements in a different approach. we can tell them messages in a subliminal way like this one. hackers, you are one, think as one.”

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