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OpLeak 33: French Ministry of Defense Targeted

Xl3gi0n hackers is still in action and continue hacking. Operation Leak number 33, a long journey of leaking important data from the smallest to largest company and governmental website.

“#opleak is AN operation created by xl3gi0n hackers IN which we leak more THAN 1000 database to show the world that they need more security”, as seen in the leak posted in pastebin.

Headed by xtr3v0lt, they had successfully hacked French Ministry of Defense. Website confidential information was exposed including current DB, DB user, and database information. A table with users was also disclosed, 16 in total wherein passwords are hashed.

The leak, end up with message, “to NATO member and all those who support the attack on Mali we are against this so you must expect us congartuliation you are now on the list of our enemy France/UAE/UK/US…. expect us the message is clear stop war we stop attack keep fier we keep hacking we are xl3gi0n you are nothing you will fall in the hands of our follows sisters and brothers we unite as one but fight as many.”

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