Plane flight controls may be hacked mid-flight


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking,please stay in your seats. It’s not turbulence. We’ve been hacked. Chris Roberts, a security researcher, has allegedly admitted to the FBI that ...

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Security questions don’t necessarily live up to their name


What’s your password? This may yet be the most mind-boggling and direct security question if it ever became one. In a recent study published by Google, it has shown that ...

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U. Cambridge: Factory reset on Android doesn’t delete all data

Cambridge Android

Just upgraded to a new phone? You might want to hold on to your old device for a bit longer, especially if it’s on Android.   Researchers at the University ...

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Man who scam about 100 million worth of load arrested


A man from Manila was arrested recently for allegedly scamming of about 100 million in airtime credits. Dubbed as the king of text scam in Philippines, his scheme was to mass ...

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Beware of Facebook Phising Sites leveraging Google Site

The Facebook video where you will be redirected after entering your credentials.

Be aware of Facebook phising websites that make use of Google site to avoid Facebook implementation of detecting malicious URLs. This clever hack attempt will then lure you into clicking ...

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Philippine hackers getting ready for Indonesian cyberwar

Indonesian government website defaced by Phantom Hackers

Over the past 24-hours, we have followed the activity of local hackers if there would be a response regarding the recent defacement of Central Luzon State University website by Indonesian hackers. ...

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