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philippine national police website defaced

Palestinian hacker defaces PNP sub domain

A sub domain ( pspg.pnp.gov.ph ) of the Philippine National Police official website is currently being taken down March 23 2015 by a hacker who identifies himself as Palestinian using the online name – Leon HDz.

The messages left in the deface page depicts that the culprit is against Israel, the United States and the United Nations.

“I Love My Country,and I love Palestine… Fuck Israel , Free palestine , Fuck Obama & Bankemon, Fuck Daaich!!” the message reads.

As we can not see any direct connection between the Philippine National Police, or the Philippine Government in general with Palestine, it is safe to assume this is a random defacement.

The specific sub defaced is of the Philippine National Police Police Security and Protection Group, which upon research, this author found out the same sub domain was also defaced almost 4 years ago.

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