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Paunch arrested? Changes are accordingly noticeable

Paunch is the infamous author of “BlackHole” exploit kit, a hacker tool for browser-based exploits (Oracle’s Java, Adobe’s Flash and other softwares) from malicious and or compromised websites.

Report by MalwareBytes suggests, Paunch and his team are already arrested somewhere in Russia.

Maarten Boone the security researcher at Fox-IT hinted:

Credit: Blog.MalwareBytes.org

So, what are the noticeable changes? According to MalwareBytes, one of the encrypting service(crypt.am) used by the exploitkit is taken down.

Photo Credit MalwareBytes.org

Another is the outage of update by Paunch of malicious Java Applets when usually he updates it once or twice a day.

from MalwareBytes blog

If Paunch is really arrested, this could affect a lot in the exploit kit business. The criminals who ‘rent’ the Blackhole exploit kit for sure no longer receive any update and will fall if not savvy enough.

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