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“Pay me” cyber criminal says to infected porn users

Cyber criminals are using the known ransomware, when hackers are filming those Australian citizens watching porn over their computers and fraudulently asked for payments, claiming to be police officials.

A message will appear in the infected computers, they breached federal laws relating to child pornography, copyright or privacy and locks desktop, watoday reports.

Hackers will then try to trick users to pay a fine of $100 or $199 using a credit card or money transfer service. Victims are only given 72 hours to pay for ransom and if they fails, files on computers will be wiped out.

Illustration- Matt Golding.

”We’ve taken some very interesting calls; some people are very open, while others swear they have been hacked while using Facebook.

”We had one bloke who was almost in tears, because they were caught in their underpants,” one AFP source said.

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