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Penshoppe website compromised, home redirects to deface page

Update: The official website of penshoppe now redirects to our website   sets an iframe of  www.pinoyhacknews.com, as official statement, we are not responsible of the attack/redirection happening in the website.

Popular clothing brand in Philippines, Penshoppe, has been targeted by a web penetration tester with online moniker “khalifax.”

Its official website, penshoppe.com, when visited in its home page redirects to the website hacker’s deface page – kh4lif4x.php.

When the page started to load, messages are popping out “Security Breach!” “Owned by kh4lif4x. When asked why he hacked the website, he replied in a private message: “I am just testing its security.”

We tried to contact penshoppe about the incident but we can not find any way to reach them.

The  website of Penshoppe is still hacked until now.

Khalifax is also responsible of hacking the official website of Aliw corporation and its AM and FM websites.

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