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Philippine website defaced by Chinese hackers, may spark cyberwar?

A website (barangaybelair.ph) of a Barangay in Makati City, Metro Manila appears to be defaced by hackers with Chinese origin – Sky Eye Team.

This defacement can be linked to the recent Hongkong journalist being “kicked out” of APEC after questioning the Philippine head of state, Pres. Pnoy Aquino.

The journalists accordingly approached Aquino, and questioned:

“Will you apologize to Hong Kong people for their real tragedy?”

“Will you give an answer? It has been three years.”

You judge as you read the message by the hackers published in their defacement.

“President of the Philippines to Hong Kong hostage incident must be a formal apology!”
“Philippines, 50% of government revenue comes from tourism! Why do things you look at how the U.S. government do?”
“Philippine President Aquino is not responsible for you are a man, is not qualified to serve as president of the post!”
“Aquino urged to step down!”
“Philippine National People need to have faith to lead!”

As of this time, the website of Barangay Belair still displays the page.

Hopefully, this hacking incident will not cause another cyber war between the Philippines and those Chinese countries.

A column of South China Morning post has said, the Philippine government, Aquino in particular just ignored the tragic accident(a number of HK nationals died in Luneta Park siege) while the families of the survivors continues to shout for justice.

“Philippine President Benigno Aquino has for three years ignored the pleas for compensation and justice by the survivors and relatives of the Manila bus tragedy, presumably hoping that they(Hongkong people) would give up.”

“But the pain and hurt is deep and Hong Kong people share the suffering. There can be no forgetting until demands have been met.”

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