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Pinoy Facebook hacker group seized

We are not sure if the group is really seized, or someone hacked the group admin then trolled the members, or the admin himself trolled them.

Members of a Facebook group named “RN-HXX Sharing Group” managed by a Pinoy ‘hacker’ started to scramble after the group appeared to be hacked.

Other admin accounts were kicked/banned out of the group and there is just one left now. Facebook user “NBI Manila” is the new and the only group administrator.

“NBI Manila” posted in the group “Seized by National Bureau of Investigation Cyber Crime Division Unit and Philippine National Police,” claimed one admin of the group violated E-commerce law and the case is now on-hold on the court.

The same Facebook account also changed the banner of the Facebook group with the logo of Philippine National Police and of the National Bureau of Investigation.

NBI Manila account commented,  there are 40+ people na on hold cases na nandun sa supreme court and they’ve got some informants regarding the documents of ” RNxx” ( referring to the group creator Ren Hoax.)

What’s interesting here is, following “NBI Manila” link leads to account username “nbi.manila.16″ that was created a day ago. Troll? Change 16 to 1, and it is another NBI account. That is up until 16 (www.facebook.com/nbi.manila.3 –  other accounts seemed deactivated.)

We tried to reach one member of Pinoy Vendetta to comment on this since Ren Hoax is a member of the mentioned group. We’ll just update this post.

Update: 2:00PM Dec. 16, 2013

Ren Hoax confirmed the hack, and revealed there are just 3 of them (admins.) The other two admins were named as Ninthrapper and Kim Harvee. According to Ren, he is sure that it wasn’t Ninthrapper compromised. He added, its either Kim was hacked or an informant of NBI.

Currently, the Pinoy Vendetta member is trying to build another Facebook group.

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