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Pinoy Hacker make use of already seized Lulzsec website to protest corruption

 Busabos, the Pinoy hackitivist and mass defacer has come back in the hacking scene giving a jerk shoot of the Lulzsec website(busabos.lulzsec.com). The hacker make use of the website to host a message, protesting against ‘corrupt’ individuals.

The Pinoy hacker has said in the defacement that there are a lot of donations(relating to a 7.2 earthquake that hit Visayas last Tuesday) given by foreign nations but most of it are being held on corrupt’s pockets and the small percentage left appear large (amount) because of media.

Busabos also added, there are accordingly charities and foundations who are just using the victims to make money and its the media again that make them appear righteous.

Already Seized Lulzsec Website.
hacker group that claimed responsibility for several high profile attacks, including the compromise of user accounts from Sony Pictures in 2011 and taking down CIA.

From Lulzsec seized website
From Lulzsec seized website

As we all know, that website was already seized by the Federal Bureau of investigation last 2011. It raises again the discussion whether did the FBI successfully seized it or what.

For whatever reason, the hacker has also used the image displaying “seized” by the FBI as the deface page’s favicon.

If you have any information about this, kindly comment below and we will discuss it 🙂

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