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Pinoy hackers attacked Italian websites, Paolo Bonolis

Local hackers from Strawhat Pirates are condemning the actions of Paolo Bonolis, an Italian television host during his show, where he allegedly disrespected the Philippine National Anthem.

Strawhat Pirates has defaced more than 20 websites that has “.it” domain names – country-code top-level for Italy.

“We knew you’re famous but using your popularity in making FUN of our culture (Philippine Culture), DISRESPECT, INHUMAN or DEGRADING others in order to you to be respected or else to give yourself a sense of self worth is not a GOOD EXAMPLE,” message in the defacement reads.

“We don’t know what you are saying, but We knew that YOU DISRESPECT our National Anthem! Shame on you!”

The hackers also asked the Italian host to make a public apology.

credit: pinoyhacknews.com

Here is the list of the websites hacked and defaced by the hackers.

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