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pinoyhacknews hacked, notified by alienforce?

So, is pinoyhacknews really hacked? NO.

I am being pissed this morning because somebody from “alienforce” is spreading a false news. Pinoyhacknews is hacked, and the credits goes to his team, alienforce.

His proof: 

owner al false news

He is a haxor :O, he managed to login in pinoyhacknews dashboard. O.o

What is true here?

Everyone can register in our site, that means everyone can login in pinoyhacknews dashboard. Every registered user can have a role, “contributor” – a role that is able to compose a new post but can not published!

What pisses me, is that he submitted his alleged “hax” into Zone-H 🙁


Using this URL as Proof of Concept: http://www.pinoyhacknews.com/?p=6630&preview=true (you can’t see this)

Oh, that is just a preview 🙁

Google Chrome Logo

Please patch security Philippines bro’s??? –> boom!

Hes got an online name of “theowner.al”.

This is wordpress bro, wordpress \m/

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