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Politicians in India hire hackers to spy opponents

Politicians in one of India’s state “Andhra Pradesh” are being advised to stop using their Smartphones. Why? Hackers are on the move on spying their actions through infecting those devices.

IndiaTimes in its article reported that hackers are offered Rs 1 lakh (75,000 php) and above to hack into smartphones of members of parliament, members of legislative assembly and of ministers.

“Offering anywhere from Rs 1 lakh and above, the usual “targets” have been approaching hackers to hack into MLAs, MPs and even some ministers smartphones, a few hackers told TOI,” reports stated.

N Nityanand, chief technology officer, Entersoft Information systems at Ameerpet stated that he has been contacted by different parties to work for the dark job.

“These kind of enquiries are becoming common now, especially since elections are round the corner. I was asked whether I can hack into a top politician’s mail id and get access to his mails. The person also said that I will get whatever amount I demand. But I flatly refused these offers and politely told him that this is unethical and I cannot do it,” Nityanad said.

The hackers are accordingly contacted by mediators of the political leaders who do not know anything about technology. What they want is listen conversations of their rivals and whatsoever information they can brought up to.

Editors note: I hope its not happening in Philippines as well..

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