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Protecting Your Passwords

Here is a comprehensive guide regarding Password Security by Pixel Privacy. [ Not sponsored ]

Passwords are like keys to your home online, having it stolen let’s anyone mess with your home online.

There’s a lot of websites getting compromised these days, exposing different user information such as your password. This is unfortunate if the website compromised stores the passwords in plain text, and you use the same password on different websites. But how can you protect yourself against this type of things?

1. Use a strong password

This is the first thing that websites might require when you are signing up. But do you actually use one? Passwords that contain your public information such as your name, your birthday, your anniversary are already not strong. Use one that cannot be easily guessed and cannot be easily forgotten. You can use phrases with jumbled capitalization plus a special character and a number. For example, [email protected]”.

2. Use multi-factor authentication

If you can’t make or remember a strong password, you can use multi-factor authentication, which adds another lock to your door.

3. Avoid recycling your password

It’s like having a same key to all locks on your home, get one compromised and anyone can easily guess or gain access to your other accounts having the same password.

But it can be hard to remember different passwords for different websites, this is where password managers come into place. They will take the pain of remembering your passwords. LifeHacker has put up the best password managers which you can find here.

And also, set up your account recovery information just in case these tips doesn’t work for you.

Remember to take care of your keys!

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