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How to secure WordPress and Joomla site’s

Sites developed with WordPress CMS, and Joomla are subject to brute force  attacks increasesrecently.
Hackers seek, through a process, you take possession of your account as “administrator”, by breaking your password.

How to protect yourself from these attacks?
Brute Force Attack  is a process that aims to cover the administrator’s credentials, testing allcombinations
potential associated with your password.

Secure Your WordPress & Joomla !

Provide your WordPress & Joomla.
Some actions can be taken in order to prevent this type of attack (and other potential threats) .
Rename “administrator” login panel  that includes the word “admin” for identification (and other simple derivatives), and replace them with a more complex name. ( For Example www.site.com /wp-admin to = www.site.com/wp-t3chw0rm ” or any other name you want ”
( www.site.com/administrator to = www.site.com/t3chw0rml0g1n )  ( 1337 Language its good for things like this . )
Choose a strong password , ( create your strong/long  password ) including numbers !! .

Keep your CMS and Plugins updated.
According to WordPress : You can disallow guest’s to access wp-login.php  using a HTAccess file ,  That will not allow guest’s to acces any WordPress login content .