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The security risk of lost Yahoo ID and now being recycled.

You must be cautious enough if you lost your Yahoo ID then someone did fall in line to have it recycled.

Reports said, there are users who claimed and got Yahoo IDs that are recycled are receiving countless emails. Some emails even contain personal information of former ‘ Yahoo ID ‘ users.

Tom Jenkins, an IT security professional unfold his experience after having a recycled Yahoo ID.

“I can gain access to their Pandora account, but I won’t. I can gain access to their Facebook account, but I won’t. I know their name, address and phone number. I know where their child goes to school, I know the last four digits of their social security number. I know they had an eye doctor’s appointment last week and I was just invited to their friend’s wedding,” Jenkins said.

” kind of crazy,” as he describe the potential theft of identity.

In Yahoo’s statement addressed to InformationWeek.com, it said that the company has received minimal complaints from recycled-account holders.

“We take the security and privacy of our users very seriously. We have heard from a very small number of users who have received emails through other third parties which were intended for the previous account holder.”

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