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Simple Machines Forum compromised, user details stolen

The free internet forum creator, Simple Machines, is reportedly compromised by unknown hackers since July 20.

An account of one admin was hacked which allowed the hacker to get accessed of the website itself and its database. The hacker got the admin password by hacking another website. Unfortunately, the same password was used by the administrator in SMF forum.

” Unfortunately for us, one admin used the Same Administrator password elsewhere on another site and Access to our site was Obtained When the password from the other site was hacked Successfully decrypted. A as result, the hacker was Able to Login here with admin rights,” an announcement reads.

The forum software maker confirms 100% that user data is stolen from its website

“Unfortunately, we are 100% sure That our User Database HAS been Stolen. “

Users now are being urged to changed their passwords especially to those who are using the same password anywhere else.

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