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So, Getting your first job?

Have you ever thought of being in a state of where you think you’re futile? Down? Depressed? – No not because of love, but because of that frustrating act of getting a job? Some people dream of becoming CEO, Entrepreneurs and what not. But in the field of IT, what do you think you need to land that “best” job for you?


The know-it-all fresh graduate.

Some fresh graduates tend to be over-all satisfied with their own capabilities that they’ve yearned as they graduated from their college degrees. Some even take the risk of getting those “high-class jobs” that everybody want, though some even just bums out.

Fulfilling the degree and graduating seems so satisfying, well yet it is, since you have already created your own character and have your CV (Curriculum Vitae) and transcripts to back you up. These people usually dream big, and get their dreams fast! In a snap! But, haven’t you seen them, there is usually something wrong. These fresh grads usually are having a hard time to cope up with their daily stresses and  “thought” that their acquired skills in college could back them up. No! It doesn’t since college only is the tip of the corporate iceberg.

These fresh grads would eagerly ask their employers for their starting salary and exchange their salary numbers with their peers, some do this to boost each other up, or to heighten their own egos. But what is salary, without skill?

Somebody told me this,Mga fresh graduates ngayon, they get fast jobs, high rates at almost laging napipirata ng ibang kompanya, pataas ng pataas ang rate nila, pero hindi naman talaga nila kaya ang trabaho” 

I’m not destroying the image of fresh graduates, their just those who have risen above normal compared to their compatriots.

Thus, the “know-it-all” freshgrads – those graduates who think they can catch the market without even thinking.


The Shy-type fresh Graduates

Have you ever heard of the term “corporate introvert”? Well neither did I, but this would sum the whole section up. In our world, we could not deny that their are many introverts that just graduated. These people are those who has low self-esteem or just does not have the guts to take over the market.

Well usually, this freshgrads do either

  • Triple / Quadruple check their resumes before submitting
  • Quick Check their skillset
  • Does not post their skills or portfolio

These fresh grads usually are good at what they do, just have no self-esteem or ego to back it up. These graduates usually need more boost to be able to send out their resume.

They’re pretty scared of what the employer would think of them, and they’re pretty scared what their possible work-mates would think of them.
So, Why Telling me This?

In every workplace you apply, there’s that big chance that they won’t accept you, or they would, but with a cost – and sadly egotistic fresh graduates that think highly of themselves usually think that they can catch the market, thus draining themselves of their own energy just to fulfill the dream.

So goes with those bum outs, an employer has expected you already to be a fresh graduate and have the basic skills, do not be tired of passing out your resumes and don’t be too shocked or overwhelmed when they ask you to learn a specific language or framework. There’s always new everyday, and a good fresh graduate should know that!

Some dreams of becoming that high-tech success overnight, and though its ok to dream of it, there are no overnight success, a good developer / businessman or IT company have those ups and downs that teaches them the value of work and the value and price of each thing they make.


Good tips for fresh graduates is to start with “Start Up” Companies since those companies usually help nurture skills and are using the latest trends as well as knows various connections.

Also, learning and reading everyday is a good thing to do. The answer that is “Busy kasi ako eh. Bukas nalang.” is a bad habit on this world, since everyday is a learning progress.

To those dreamers who thinks big, kudos since you think of that! Every start up always starts small, don’t be to weary if you think you couldn’t make it – The first year is always the hardest part, in every start up.

And lastly, “Never think lowly of yourself”

From a person who learned the corporate life the hard way

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