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Another spam post loitering in Facebook


“She went inclusively nuts and lost all control of the razor-sharp axe Well, Watch what happened..in..this..video:_:: [Tiny_URL]”

This is the spam post message spreading lately. It has an image that portrays a woman holding an axe in which it also appears to be a video of it.

When someone clicks the image, it redirects into a webpage where another spam message, “She did this at the tender of age 15” appears. Along with it also presents an enclosed video player.

Then, when the user click the image again, a window will pop-up, which will ask the user to press one of the three keyboard shortcuts provided – Ctrl+L, Ctrl + C, Ctrl +W

These given shortcuts have only one purpose – to copy the URL and closing the page.

Well, it appears that this does not bring any harm. At least, at first glance.

Because if the user did not notice when he or she clicked the image, there is actually TWO windows popped up. The second window, however, is hard to notice especially if the user is just focusing on the first window – which contains the shortcuts.

Therefore, when the user follows the instructions by pressing the shortcuts, this copies the URL of the second window, in which that URL is actually the user or the victim’s authentication token. If that happens, a spam post will become visible into their Facebook wall, and apparently, making them a legit victim of this new Facebook spam post. So, beware! You’ve been warned!

Source: eHackingNews

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