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Special defacement for a special day

Today marks the 1st anniversary of this(pinoyhacknews.com) secu-blog.

An alleged “PRO HAXXOR” who identifies himself as “Jhon Paulito Manaloto” A.K.A “p0g1n6 |-|4xx0r 1337”, referred to as JPmanaloto,  have gained access to our main servers, thus having the power to deface the site.

JPmanaloto pinged me on facebook. The message states “30w pH03sXz..-‘ aQckUoh Ph03sXz pH4lu4h xiI p0g1n6 |-|4xx0r 1337.  nu4gk4r00n ph03sxz aqCkuoh ng 4cXesx X4 sxit3 ne0. nu4h d3f4xc3 qCkuoh pH03 ituuu”

Having stated his message, he also attached a picture of what he refer to as a “sh311” or  commonly known in the cybersecurity world as “BACKDOOR”.

I am currently arranging an interview with him. He is the first to have a backdoor installed on our server.Backdoorasdasd