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Sunstar website hacked by Cyber_Taregh

A Facebook friend, Synd1c4te,  informed me that the two sub domains of Sunstar Publishing’s official website was defaced and hacked.

The subdomains blogs.sunstar.com.ph and contest.sunstar.com.ph are listed in Zone-h’s ( defacement database ) unpublished websites to have been defaced.

Currently, a deface page by the hacker can still be accessed in blogs.sunstar.com.ph/lol.htm while the “contest” subdomain is already fixed.

A web hacker with handle “Cyber_Taregh” claims of the defacement, the same individual also submitted the deface notification to Zone-H.

After few Google searchers, we have found hints that the culprit is an Indonesian hacker since he is posting /defacing websites on behalf of the Indonesian Cyber Army.

Mirrors of the said defacement are can be seen here:

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