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Syrian Electronic Army hacked Forbes

The American business magazine by Forbes Inc. seemed to have been hacked by the hackers who are supporters of the Syrian president, Bashar Hafez al-Assad – Syrian Electronic Army.

According to a report by Eduard Kovacs thru Softpedia, one story was added in the website of Forbes entitled “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army.”

Photo Credit: Softpedia.com

In the update of news report, hackers accordingly confirmed the hack of Forbes, targeting the administrator account managing the website.

Photo credit : Softpedia.com

Hackers also claimed they got into 3 Twitter accounts of Forbes employees, @samsharf, @ForbesTech, @TheAlexKnapp, although its just @samsharf displays message: “Syrian Electronic Army Was Here.”

The attack is a response accordingly to Forbes for posting “many articles against the SEA, with much hate for Syria,” talking to Eduard Kovacs.

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