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Using LOIC Man fined $110k in a DDOS attack

A St. Louis, Missouri man was fined a total of $110,932.71  (P4980878) for participating a Distributed Denial of service Attack(DDOS) using Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC.) 22 years old, Christopher Michael Sudlik ...

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DNS.gov.ph, gov.ph and others appear to be down – update

This is an update of our first news report early morning, Anonymous Philippines disrupts Government websites.  Hackers with ties to the hacker collective -anonymous has also targeted DNS.gov.ph and gov.ph where ...

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NBI website down, are the Pinoy/Chinese hackers attacking?

Britain recruits new computer experts to counter cyber-attacks

For some reason, I visited the National Bureau of Investigation – NBI website just few minutes ago to check for updates in their press releases. What I found out is ...

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Take down – Million march cyber protest now aimed.

Distributed denial of attacks are now aimed to several government agencies as of 1 pm today : a cyber protest. Hackers from pinoy vendetta urge netizens to participate in the ...

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Paid-to-click advertising clixsense hit by DDOS

Clixsense is one of the oldest and now trusted by most of users who are into paid-to-click advertising. But in an official announcement of clixsense, it reveals that its website/service ...

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Anonymous hackers conduct opGabon targeting presidential website

The anonymous hacker collective has disrupted the official website of Gabon’s president in connection of the effort in ending ritual killings in the country(operation Gabon.) Hackers have launched Distributed Denial ...

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