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PirateBay co-founder sentenced to 2 years imprisonment in Sweden

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, one of the founder of Pirate Bay has been found guilty in hacking computers of a company that manages data for the Swedish tax authority, Logica. In ...

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Anonymous schedules an attack against North Korea

The anonymous hackers have published a video stating their new campaign, threatens the Democratic People’s Republic of China. The plan will be carried out to begin on June 25. “Good ...

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FAMI website is defaced once again.

Update: Just now, the website is up again. The website of First Metro Asset Management Inc. (www.fami.com.ph) is defaced once again by a Bangladeshi hacker. As of the moment, the FAMI ...

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Students accused of changing grades, keylogged their Professors

Three of students from the University of Purdue (West Lafayette, Indiana) are accused of hacking their professors accounts to change grades. Roy Chaoran Sun one of the accused graduated with a bachelor’s ...

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Leader of Anonghost hacked more than 80k Facebook accounts, a birthday gift

The leader of Anonghost, most commonly known as “Mauritania Attacker” has made a different approach in a birthday of their new official member, M3GAFAB. Mauritania Attacker has claimed to have ...

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Email accounts of Mozilla Managers hacked and leaked

A hacker calling himself as “Mauritania Attacker” has claimed to have hacked email accounts of Mozilla managers and leaked those eventually. In a paste published in pastebin, some 50 lines ...

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