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Philippine website defaced by Chinese hackers, may spark cyberwar?

A website (barangaybelair.ph) of a Barangay in Makati City, Metro Manila appears to be defaced by hackers with Chinese origin – Sky Eye Team. This defacement can be linked to ...

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California Employment Training Panel official website defaced!

A Filipino hacker comes in the scene, defacing a State of California sub-domain – California Employment Training Panel(etp.ca.gov.) Introducing himself as “Shadow Haxor,” he defaced the home page of the website ...

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Maitum gov site hijacked, now displays porn

A hacker who has online name of ‘spanksta’ did talked to me on Facebook of his ‘trip.’ Hijacking the official website of Maitum, a second class municipality of Sarangani province. ...

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Hackers compromised Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture site, posted porn on it

The targeted cyber attack against the Chilean government is part of an operation initiated by Anonymous Chile dubbed as OpIberoReborn. Official website of the country’s Ministry of Agriculture (minagri.gob.cl) was being ...

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Digital Boys Underground claims breach on US House of Representatives, leaks data

Another group, Digital Boys Underground, joins the scene in cyber attack against the United States of America. Today, it has claimed breach on the US house of representative and leaks the ...

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Did pR.is0n3r of Anon Philippines posted wrong number of Senator Jinggoy Estrada?

pR.is0n3r is a local hacker and a loyalist supporter of the hacker collective, anonymous Philippines. Last July we had an exclusive interview of him talking about pR.is0n3r as part of ...

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