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Pinoys Place First in DEFCON 24 Capture The Packet Competition

DuterTeam, a team consisting of two Filipino information security professionals, won the country’s first DEFCON Capture The Packet title last August 7. What exactly is DEFCON? For starters, it is ...

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Feature: Dan Jose Duplito – Outstanding ASEAN Cisco Awardee 2013

Five charged with credit card hacking, largest breach ever in US history

Proudly Pinoy, Dan Jose Duplito, the Chief Information Security officer of Philippine Savings Bank (PSbank). He was once a speaker in RootCon – country’s premier hacking conference and of course, ...

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Pinoy student rewarded “Best Elevator Pitch” in Kaspersky Academy Cyber Security

Even not declared as the over-all winner, the 20 years old Dominic Baguio was awarded as “Best Elevator Pitch” in the recently completed Kaspersky Academy Cyber Security. The event was held last ...

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Modern thieves can hack your cars through key fob

Today’s time, car thieves are using radio transmitters to hack your cars key fob intercepting the signal between the owners lock and their cars to get in, AmericaNowNews reports. Joe ...

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Android in India may get banned says report

According to a local technology blog Igyaan, DNA and PTI (India) says the leading mobile OS, Android, may get banned in the country. Many of the those android phones are ...

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