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Microsoft twitter account falls into Syrian Electronic Army

So, it seems the Twitter account of Xbox by Microsoft with over 2 million followers has been hijacked by the notorious hacker group from Syria – Syrian Electronic Army. A ...

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Microsoft rewarded $100,000 to an Australian white hat hacker

A hacker from Australia, James Forshaw, reported a serious flaw in Microsoft’s windows. It was accordingly eligible to the company’s bug bounty program “Mitigation Bypass.” Because his entry of the ...

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Researchers take $28k ‘first blood’ on Microsoft’s bug bounty program

More than 28,000 USD actually is being paid by Microsoft to security researchers who participated in its first ever bug bounty program. It was the Internet Explorer 11 bug bounty ...

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Microsoft offers $100,000 to hack Windows 8.1

As part of Microsoft’s bug bounty program, the Redmond based company offers at most $100,000 to security researches that can find flaw in Windows 8.1. The new operating system is ...

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Facebook and Microsoft revealed users to US authorities

According to reports, major internet companies, Facebook and Microsoft gives up information to the US authorities related to over 50 thousand customer accounts. From an announcement of the social media ...

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Microsoft fixes critical security flaws in IE and RDC

Nine security updates has been released by Microsoft in which two of those were critical. The updates are addressed to Windows, Internet Explorer and other products of Microsoft. The first ...

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