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Pinoys Place First in DEFCON 24 Capture The Packet Competition

DuterTeam, a team consisting of two Filipino information security professionals, won the country’s first DEFCON Capture The Packet title last August 7. What exactly is DEFCON? For starters, it is ...

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Feature: Dan Jose Duplito – Outstanding ASEAN Cisco Awardee 2013

Five charged with credit card hacking, largest breach ever in US history

Proudly Pinoy, Dan Jose Duplito, the Chief Information Security officer of Philippine Savings Bank (PSbank). He was once a speaker in RootCon – country’s premier hacking conference and of course, ...

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Interview with Roy Castillo – Pinoy Bug Bounty Hunter / Infosec Researcher

If you are a Filipino and is highly interested in information security, I bet you already heard the name “Roy Castillo.” Even people from other countries knew him especially last ...

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National College of Science and Technology website breached by system32

Update: Hacker fixes some of the mess and post another article, “a friendly reminder only.” A hacker claiming to be part of the anonymous collective, setting up own chapter in ...

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Police Region Office 5 website owned by Hitman

It is the notorious hitman of websites “Hitman” owned and defaced the official website of Police Regional Office 5. The cyber attack took place  hours ago. In the deface page ...

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Hitman gets access to NatGeoRun website, plays music

 Hitman (member of Pinoy Vendetta) again attacks a website, now into the site of National Graphic Chanel set up for the Earth Day Run last April 28. The intruder appeared to be ...

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