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Take down – Million march cyber protest now aimed.

Distributed denial of attacks are now aimed to several government agencies as of 1 pm today : a cyber protest. Hackers from pinoy vendetta urge netizens to participate in the ...

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Update of websites defaced over pork barrel issue 7:30am August 26 2013

Here are the list of websites impacted by Pinoy hacktivists as a protest to pork barrel(PDAF) scandal in relation to “million people march” today, August 26, 2013. At least 32 ...

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More government websites defaced by Pinoy Vendetta

Just few minutes ago, we reported that there are government based websites defaced over pork barrel scam a night before the actual “million march protest.” As we researched, we found ...

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Government websites defaced a night before “million march protest” of Pork Barrel

Around 11:20 pm, Anonymous Philippines posted in Facebook a list of websites – Philippine government owned which are hacked and defaced. It is clear that those websites are defaced as ...

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Pinoy Vendetta activates Operation Napoles, created website for her.

Pinoy Vendetta officially announced an operation against the scandalous pork barrel mastermind “Janet Lim Napoles.” In a website(janetnapoles.org), hackers simply display the text “#OPNAPOLES” in a black background – typical ...

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At least 5 bank websites defaced in “hack the bank” – Philippines

The defacement could affect the profits of those business institutions and may cause special damages because of website’s inability to operate. “Hack the bank” is Hitman’s operation against banking establishments ...

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