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Syrian Electronic Army hacked Forbes

The American business magazine by Forbes Inc. seemed to have been hacked by the hackers who are supporters of the Syrian president, Bashar Hafez al-Assad – Syrian Electronic Army. According to ...

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Skype blog and Twitter account hacked by SEA

The Skype Blog now redirects to Skype site homepage while the Twitter account appears to be still in the hands of the hackers. Twitter user Ashar Javed posted on the ...

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Qatar Facebook, Google, Government websites hacked by Syrian Electronic Army

The hackers who are loyal supporters of the Syrian president Bashar al-Ashad is back in the hacking scene, this time targeting the officials websites of some high profile companies and ...

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Syrian Electronic Army goes over Fox TV, hijacks Twitter accounts

 Hackread reported that the official Twitter accounts used by Hootsuite of FOX TV has been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. The accounts are mainly used to post online content ...

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Syrian Electronic Army hacks into Twitter, NYTimes and Huffington Post

We had covered reports about Syrian Electronic Army for the past few weeks of its hacktivism against large companies. The hackers supporting the government of Syria, and its president  Bashar al-Assad ...

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Syrian Electronic Army hacked 3 sites in 1 strike, Time, CNN and the Washington Post

The Syrian Electronic Army who has been into much of hacking activities against high profile media has hacked into Time, CNN and Washington Post by compromising the “recommendation engine” that ...

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