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Take down – Million march cyber protest now aimed.

Distributed denial of attacks are now aimed to several government agencies as of 1 pm today : a cyber protest.

Hackers from pinoy vendetta urge netizens to participate in the said attack which in the moment claimed to have taken down more than 10 government websites

The Department of Finance, Department of Interior and Internal Interview, Department of Agrarian Reform, Department of Public Works and Highways, Quezon City Official website, Bureau of Internal Revenue, Treasury, Department of Energy, Deparment of Education, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the senatecustoms and the presidential website.

Screenshot of a web service isup.me suggesting the presidential website is down.

A DDOS attack is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users. – Wikipedia.

As of press time, most of mentioned appears to be having problem displaying web errors like “Error 504 Gateway Timeout.”

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