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Modern thieves can hack your cars through key fob

Today’s time, car thieves are using radio transmitters to hack your cars key fob intercepting the signal between the owners lock and their cars to get in, AmericaNowNews reports.

Joe Kelley, one of those individuals who do use keyless entries on their cars is not surprised of this growing trend.

“It’s scary”. “Nothing is safe in the modern world,” Joe commented.

The AAA spokesperson, Marthe Meade, says interceptors can read a signal between their remotes and the car, allowing thieves to get information and steal the car.

“You would think when you walk away from your car, and you’ve got your fob and you click it as you’re going away with all your stuff – you think they’re securely locked inside your car. Guess what? Not so much,” said Meade.

“It made me a little nervous. I don’t even have a key. I just use my fob,” said Kristen Wood. “You get in the car and you can start it. If someone steals my signal, could they just hop in my car, and drive off with it?”

Experts said a car will not start unless that specific fob is used for a security mechanism is built within.

“These are obviously people who are serious about stealing cars, so most likely they’re sophisticated enough to figure out how to start it as well,” Meade noted.

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